KTI SeriesKTI-520 Semi-Automatic Wire-Comb Binding Machine

Advantages of KTI-520 Wire-comb Binding Machine:
1 Bound materials will never loosen even been heavily used.
2 Pages can be fully turned over and yet be perfectly level at the bind.
3 Top quality and variety colors of wires enhance your product values.
4 Continuous spool-fed binding comb produces no waste and is very economical.
5 High output figures,as comb for subsequent book is positoned whilst the completed book is being moved.
6 All-purpose functions:
  A.Full length binding-for books,calenders,burchures.
  B.Economical binding-many kind of skip functions for mass production units.
  C.Claender binding with hangers-with interrupted binding for isertion of hangers.
  D.Semi-covered binding-with all-around cover for sepecial spine-printed products.
  E.Binding with overs-protruding on one or three sides.
  F.Fully-covered binding-for delicated stationery,installed on cover.

*King Team is a top quality binding system producer based in China. We also provide all kinds of binding wires for premium printed materials.

*The KTI-520 Binding machine is our newest released product. Its all-purpose designed functions can meet many varieties of needs from demanding binding jobs.You will find its value ranked on the highest position among worldwide competing models.

*Our pre-shaped comb-wires along with KTI-520 binding machine are the best package for your top quality binding business.